Bali Oracle

Om Swastiastu

Connect to your inner wisdom with messages from the Bali Spirits using this gorgeous oracle deck & guidebook!

There is a message for each day and each occasion. When we let our intuition guide us, we always receive an answer straight away.

The Bali Oracle Deck may be a guide for you on this journey and make your days a little bit sweeter with it’s meaningful sayings and beautiful insights into everyday Bali Life.

Behind each card meaning and what we interpreted important from our perspective, you will find a little bit of background information about the actual & factual ‘Bali Life’, it’s culture, it’s wonderful people, ceremonies and religion. 

Bali is magical, diverse & unique...always ready to amaze you in some or other way with it's Beauty!


We proudly introduce

The Bali Oracle Deck

Connect to your inner Wisdom

These cards can assist you to discover the Relationship with your soul on a deeper Level & to feel more connected to the source of all things

Learn About Bali's Culture

With each card comes interesting background information on the actual and factual Bali Life, it's deeply rooted, ancient culture, it's wonderful people, abundant ceremonies & religion

Bali Vibes whereever you are

Our hope is that using these oracle cards will bring the magical Bali Vibes a little closer to your heart and give you the feeling of always being connected to the Bali Spirit wherever you are.

Daily Inspiration

Let this oracle deck be a guide for you and make your days a little bit sweeter with it's meaningful sayings and beautiful insights into everyday Bali Life.

pages Guidebook
Bali Vibes


Have a sneak peak to get a small idea of what awaits you with this deck. 

a little bit of Bali's Magic

Who we are

Hi, we are Bella & Mona.

We have been lucky enough to call the island of Bali our home for several years. In fact, it was the place we first met and where our friendship started. 

Bali had given us plenty of insights into and through its mysteries, miracles, diversities and its ancient culture.  Pieces of our hearts and souls will always remain here. 

We are both a little bit “gila” and obsessed about oracle cards and our passion for Bali is always alive within us, This has caused the inspiration to design a ‘Bali Oracle Deck, as we thought it would be great to let you be part of it and experience a bit of Bali yourself.

That is why we are so happy to share a little bit of Bali’s Magic with you through this beautiful card deck



The Island of Gods

Balinese Culture

and Traditions






Bali Deck

The Magic

of Bali

Help us to make this project alive

Kickstarter Campaign

We are so grateful for you helping us to bring this project to life and inspire people and Bali Lovers around the globe. We thought about, what we can offer you what we can give in return for your support. Of course, you will receive your very own copy of the Bali Oracle Deck. We made up some nice packages, and we hope you like it. You can have a nice, pretty bracelet (a crystal chips or a Karma bracelet) on top. Or you can even book a private Session with each of us.

Bella offers Reiki Healing Sessions. Reiki is an ancient Method of healing, through the laying-on of hands on the body at certain places so the Energy flow gets activated. Bella offers Reiki Healing Sessions. Reiki is an ancient Method of healing, through the laying-on of hands on the body at certain places so the Energy flow gets activated.

Ramona is an experienced Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Teacher. Breathwork can help you to live healthier, reduce stress, transform trauma and emotions, heal the body from the inside out and improve quality of life. Ramona will accompany you on a unique journey and create a safe container for you to grow and heal yourself. With music and her voice she will guide you through your personal experience and hold space for you and your healing.

Or you want to go all in and decide for the Full Healing Pack including both of the Sessions, a bracelet and free shipping of your Oracle Deck.

In addition, we will donate 1€ per Pre-Saled Deck to several NGOs helping and supporting Bali & the Balinese, like BAWA, Soleman, Feed Bali etc.

We are so excited to share the Bali Oracle Deck with the world. But we want to ensure to provide the best possible quality. However, our plan foresees shipping before christmas 2021, even earlier if possible.

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Contact Us

For questions, feedback, collaborations, retailing, distribution, etc. please feel free to contact us here:

Pre Order the Bali Oracle Deck

This deck is made up of 52 cards and working with them will help you tune into the wisdom of your soul and the unique Bali energy.

You can easily connect and bond with the Bali Vibes no matter where you are on this beautiful planet.

Our hope is that by using these cards, it will bring you a bit of the magical Bali Vibes whereever you are.

Bali Oracle Deck Divination